Toronto Miller Lash House Wedding

Candy and Dickson picked the perfect day for their wedding at the Toronto Miller Lash House.  The weather was gorgeous and the temperature was just right.  The day started just like a traditional Chinese wedding.  The groom went to pick up the bride early in the morning.  But he had to go thru a series of tests to ensure his qualification - also referred to as door games.  If he failed a test, he or his groomsmen will be penalized with some deliciously looking appetizers.  Don't be fooled by the appearance - they don't taste as good as look! 

After Dickson successfully picked up Candy , the next event is the tea ceremony.  It is a significant event for the bridge and groom to show respect to their elderly.  It involved kneeing down in front of each pair of family member and serve them cups of teas.  In return, they will receive a gift, usually a red pocket.  For the bride, she may also receive traditional Chinese jewelries such as gold bracelets and necklaces.

The outdoor wedding ceremony took place at the Miller Lash House in Toronto.  The Miller Lash House is an elegant and picturesque venue.  The house itself was built in the early 1900s and it is located within many ares of forest. 

There are a few uniquely looking rooms inside the Miller Lash House.  We picked this room for Dickson to do his final preparation before the cermony.  This is a quiet room with a lot of nature light, perfect for dramatic photos.


We took some photos of Candy while she is getting final touch up before walking down the isle.

The nature light is perfect for bridal portraits. 

After the the ceremony, we walked around the Miller Lash House for some photos with the newly wed and wedding party. 


The wedding reception happened in a tent next to the Miller Lash House.  The tent is surprisingly roomy and it can easily host 200 guests with a dance floor in the middle.

An indispensable part of a Chinese wedding is games.  The first game require the bride and groom collect plastic balls from each table and transport them without hands.  The second game was a competition of puncturing balloons between couples. 

Another Chinese wedding tradition is table toasting.  Essentially the couple and their immediate family go to each table and thank guests for coming.